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Kim’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 29 Mar 2007

Location: Gold Coast, Australia

MapThursday, Today the weather is still playing up, sunshine but windy and not the sort of weather that lets you sit and do nothing, so into the car and up to see O'Reilly's Mountain about 35 minutes from the coast. The O'Reilly's settled here back in the 1830's when land was sold for cattle and have never moved away. Since 1908 the whole area has been a conservation site and this has been totaly embraced by all the people living and working on the mountain. The O'Reilly's have built a hotel and now run several walks and rainforest trecks across their land. It is incrediable to see all these trees around growing straight up to the sky with no twists or turns in them - no wonder the early settlers thought they had arrived in heaven with regards to timber, just made for masts and ship building. We spent a full day pottering around this area, so similiar to New Zealand and yet so different. We have a special treat for tonight, a visit to see the Outback Spectacular!!!!!

Friday, What fun we had last night, a truely incredible show and meal included. Upon arrival, you are given a cowboy hat - a real one not something that is cheap and nasty and ushered into the saloon, live music and a general feelig of something exciting is going to happen. Drinks were bought and I am only sorry that the flashing beer glass of Sandr'a does not show up in the photograh ! Try drinking your beer in a glass that is flashing pink and green in your face ( I thought it was cool ). The show started with a call into the arena and the general confusion to find seats. But once in, dinner started to arrive - salad worthy of a good resturant and then the show kicked in. Horses, whips, wagons and a general tale of the wild west and through out the show, dinner came and went. Brilliant and I would suggest that anyone in this area of Australia should make the time to come and see this.

We decided to see some of the town and surrounding area today and took the Duck Boat trip ( yes, it is a car / boat that looks like a duck ) and off we went with the guide busy pointing out the more expensive houses etc in the area - I stopped dreaming when we passed a house on the beach front, nothing special that had recently changed hands for 13 million dollars!!! and then we went to see the pelicans on the water front. There is a fish shop backing onto one of the river inlets and each day they feed the pelicans - well, we arrive and the birds are swimming in the shallows with people, sitting on table tops and lamp posts awaiting dinner. What a sight to see, 20 or 30 pelicans in line and gently taking fish thrown at them - I am sure that some of them posed for their pictures with a glint in their eye and were busy working out how to charge for a picture.