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Kim’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 31 Mar 2007

Location: Gold Coast, Australia

MapWeekend is here and the beach and surrounding area's are busy with people that have come down for the weekend. There are so many parks, grass areas and cooking area's all supplied that the beach appears deserted as everyone is just behind it. We decided to go to a place called Sanctuary Cove for lunch. This is an area that has been built around a marina and a little like Port Mirion in Wales ( Patrick Mcgee and number 7 series). Everyone here drives a golf buggy as transport with or without clubs and the Hyatt Hotel has built a fake beach around its swimming pool!!
A bucket of prawns for 20 dollars and a nice dry white, what more can you ask for

Sunday, a very overcast day and not much going for it, so down to the Versace Plaza for coffee - only 3000 dollars a night for a room and 10,000 for the penthouse! Lunch at the Yacht Club and a quiet afternoon just reading.

Monday, Time to think about moving on and where to next. As it is coming up for Easter, we decide that it would be a good idea to travel inland and then back to the coast and what with the Tsumani warning as well, so we are flying up to Rockhampton tomorrow and going to a farm stay - Myella Farm Stay and then by train to Townsville and Cairns. Trying to sort all of this out is very time consuming but this is the last of the arrangements to make before coming home - god, times seems to have travelled really quickly in the last few days and we do not have much longer left. Back to the apartment and a chance to do the last mintue washing and other things that need to be sorted before moving on