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Kim’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 10 Apr 2007

Location: Port Douglas, Australia

MapIt is now Tuesday morning and we are safely in Port Douglas, a lovely place about 70ks up from Cairns.

The train journey on Monday was not a bundle of laughs - we arrived at the station, bags loaded and into the carriage and out in the same step - the smell was just a little ripe as several people had spent the night sleeping in the seats and the odour of the day was foot. We quickly found the buffet car and claimed seats until at least the train had started and the air con was working. Once on the move, things got better and it was interesting to watch the landscape flow past for the first few hours but there is only so much that a person can say about sugar cane and rivers. It came as a release 7 1/2 hours after the start of the journey to arrive at Cairns and disembark - next task was to catch the bus to Port. It would have been a wonderful journey during daylight along a very twisted coast road but dusk was falling and the driver not in the mood to hang around, but we arrived in Port safely and even managed a stop at the bottle shop on the way. They do not sell booze here in the supermarkets and you have to go to a special shop (a bit of a pain as they tend not to be near the supermarkets). Apartment is really nice, about 3 minutes from the sea - you can here but not see.

A quick stroll about town and so pleased to see that we have found a place that does not close at 5.00!!