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Kim’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 10 Apr 2007

Location: Port Douglas, Australia

MapA good nights sleep was had and up early this morning - no wonder they all go to bed so early - the day starts just after 6.00!

The weather is really not good here with thick cloud and rain and the sea is churning up seaweed - not a good day for a trip out to the reef but the forecast is not good at all and we are going to have to take a gamble on going out and hope it will cheer up a little. Most of the day was spent trying to catch up with things and wandering around the shops and cafes here. We have booked tickets for a reef visit for tomorrow and I have bought my sea sick tablets!!

Tonight is going to be devoted to fun - Cane Toad racing!!!!!!!!!!!!! at the local pub - will let you know tomorrow.

Off for a walk along the beach and pretend that the sun is shining down.