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Kim’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 11 Apr 2007

Location: Port Douglas, Australia

MapWell, where do I start with regards to last nights fun?

Here goes, we arrived at the pub and were whisked upstairs to the Cane Toad Racing Emporium, alright the bar upstairs. Stools are all set around a table in the middle of the room and upon the table are several buckets!!

Once the crowd had gathered, the official appeared ( the guy who owned the toads) and the evenings entertainment started. Yes, there were cane toads and they did race but to tell more would involve shootings of every reader. Just to say that I have not laughed so much for a long time or made sure that my feet did not touch the floor. Every cent of the 5 dollars it cost was worth it and is a must for anyone who gets the chance to see.

We had dinner in the pub afterwards and decided to have steak and ale pie - can you imagine the look on our face when a plate sized pie arrived with a dollop of mashed potato in the middle and a dish of ketchup on the side - nothing else, nothing that was anywhere near green in colour or healthy!!! - Made for an interesting meal.

Have to go and catch a boat - not sure about this in winds of 25-30
knots but here goes - await the instalment