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Kim’s Travel Diary

Friday, 13 Apr 2007

Location: Port Douglas / Cairns, Australia

MapYesterday was a very quiet day after the excitment of the reef but the sun did shine a little and we were able to spend some time by the pool and catching up with general matters like washing clothes - just remember you only ever use the top third of your suitcase when next packing to go away.

We have decided to travel back to Cairns today and stay there overnight, in as much to say we have been there and done that. I think we are both getting ready to return home and thinking about all the stuff we need to find room for in suitcases and what can be left behind!! I am hoping that the trip to Cairns will be in sunlight and I can see this coast line in all its glory.

Next page I think will be the last one from Sydney but at least I will be able to load the final pictures there and give you all a laugh