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Kim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 15 Apr 2007

Location: Sydney, Australia

MapWell here we are back in Sydney, the starting place of our Australian tour.

Cairns was a delightful break in the journey back but I can understand how so many people are put off as the drive into the city gives one a feeling of dirt and grot with many of the hotels looking old and uncared for. Once on the sea front though, there is a different feel with many shops and cafes all busy and looking for customers. The city council have spent time and money updating the front and the local pool is something to be seen. We booked into a beach front motel (these are just a step above backpackers or YHA but without the jump in money) and spent the day wandering around the local area or sitting by the pool watching the boats and helicopters come in and out. Dinner was had in a small pizza place on the waterfront and yet more time was spent gazing out to sea. It is really going to feel strange not being near water

Cairns also has its own night markets ( as if we need to see another one) but these are nothing on Thailand and yes, we feel the need to visit them again on our way home.

Flight out to Sydney and Andrew very kindly met us at the airport. We were standing waiting for him when an announcement came over the tannoy for a Mrs Baxter, yes it was for me as Andrew could not remember my surname and knew I would respond to that one.

We are safely back at Catherines, pictures have been downloaded and the only decision of the day is where shall we go? - Life can be really hard sometimes