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Kim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 06 May 2007

Location: Jo'burg, South Africa

MapWell here we go again with travels. I have just arrived in South Africa after travelling through Dubai and am now at the Diamond Diggers Hostel.

The journey was fine with a fast transfer through Dubai - it looked a very interesting place and the views from the airplane were amazing with mountains and deserts. You can see from flying over them whey we are having so much trouble in Iran and Iraq as even from the air you can make out footholds and hiding places.

I made my way through pasport control, only took just over 90 minutes!! and called for a driver to collect me as agreed. Well that only took 45 minutes and was nearly the last straw in making the tears come but I held them off. Into the dark of Jo'burg at night with two people I did not know from Adam and eventually turned off onto an unmade road - well you can imagine my thoughts but all was well and the hostel appeared at the end of the drive. Spilt over both sides of the road, it can sleep 70 people and starts from 11 pounds per night!! Breakfast is seperate at 10 rand for toast and cereal. So I have had dinner for salad and cold meats, am going to find the bar and have a drink and then hit my bed, if they can decide which room I am sleeping in!!!!

Back to the airport tommorow for a flight at 12.15 and onto the horses. I am very nervous about this part of the trip but am sure that all will be ok. Sorry this is not very long but just wanted to let you all know I am here and safe. Will write soon