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Kim’s Travel Diary

Monday, 11 Jun 2007

Location: Hoedspruit, South Africa

MapWell after a long gap, I am back!!!! Hope you all missed me.

Camp is still going well, change of people last week and now poor Gordon is the only male amongst 9 females. This group has a much longer age range and is not so into games and drinking beer, so evenings are a little more polite and politics disscused but this is all part of the learning curve.

Both Kate and I have finished the course, so have a little more free time to read or ride. Kate is brilliant and has even offered to take me out for a trek later this week. Since I last wrote, we have been out to see the next farm next to us on a night ride. Totally exciting and we saw rhinos so close the danger of charging was real and then two hyena's appeared from nowhere and got within 2 metres of the jeep - really strange looking animals and much bigger than you would expect!

Yesterday we went to Blyder Dam, the second biggest canyon after the Grand Canyon and had a trip across the water with various sightings of wild life. Once I can upload the pictures you will be able to see the views but I do not have that much time, so I think it will be Cape before I can really get this blog going.

There is big excitment in the camp though, we are waiting for our giraffe to give birth, anyday now, so there is a quick drive around the farm every morning just to check her out. Off to Kruger again tomorrow and hope that I might see a little more of a lion other than his paw!!!!!!

Really having a good time and enjoying this part of the trip, it will be strange to go to Cape Town in a few weeks and have hot water more than 3 times a week and lights rather than torches but am not missing the television and Jackaranda 92.5 is an interesting pop station, only about 3 years behind in terms of music!!

Back to the farm now, more horses and a termite mound to break down - oh for working holidays!

Will write or try and post some pictures next week - thinking of all of you XX