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Kim’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 10 Jul 2007

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

MapWell it is long time since I last wrote anything down but as you can see I am now in Cape Town and have access to the modern world of computers and internet, so I will be back on track.

So much has happened in the past few weeks. Off Beat Safari's was so much fun and such a learning curver as I have said earlier. Apart from all the visits to Kruger and night drives, I have learnt how to ride a horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is not as easy as you might think and after the initial struggle to get on with my hip playing up, there is then the question of sitting correctly, steering and getting it to stop but on my last day I did a bush ride and did it well - I am really proud of myself and marked this as a real achivement. It was also a learning curve in how to live without mod com's and working with the day, getting up at sunrise and going to bed when it gets dark. Would recommend that way of life to everyone.

I arrived in Cape Town on Tuesday afternoon having taken two flights to get here. First flight was interesting as I had a small child behind me that threw up all the way (nice) and the second, the biggest man I have ever seen and I have now seen several sat next to me - it was an interesting exercise in packaging - thank goodness it was not a long flight. Amanda meet me at the airport, this time with a name card, at least not a repeat of the farse in Jo'burg. The only thing that I could think of on the journey to the lodge was how cold I was - weather was terrible with high winds and freezing rain and I am now used to hot sunshine.

I am staying at the Deco Lodge, about 10 minutes from the Cape Bowl which is the main shopping area and about 15 minutes from the waterfront. The lodge is as it sounds and painted inside and out in purple and I mean purple and silver - can not wait to get some pictures up to show you all. The bar area has zebra striped seating and every where are pictures made from any sort of reflective material in any shape or size! but it is clean, warm and has hot water - I am now very clean and sweet smelling again. Each dorm sleeps 6 and I am presently sharing with 2 girlies under the age of 20 (so much for Gap Year for Grown Ups claim that the average age would be 35) but they are sweet and not americans! The rest of Tuesday night was spent sorting out stuff and trying to get warm.