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Kim’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 11 Jul 2007

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

MapAfter a good nights sleep and another shower, Amanda (project manager) took me out for a tour around the area. Table Mountain appears just to be behind the lodge and when the clouds move away, I am sure the pictures will be stunning. We drove around the area and into the bay, sea madly crashing against the rocks and whipping winds. Cape Town has the advantage of different oceans on either side of the bay and when they meet, the sea's fights for advantage, just wish it was warmer.

A visit to town was required to buy jumpers and long trousers and then to purchase some food. We cook for ourselves here (having been spolit at Off Beat) so this is going to take some readjusting to but the project gives you a weekly allowance for food and washing, so I am going to have to watch my spending.

I am working at the Orphange here and also the Township Primary school, so this afternoon was spent with the children that are still at the Orphange. It is school holidays here and many of the children go and stay with relatives. Normal kids that just want to watch television or play around - got to watch Shrek 3 and my hair braided (which hurts). There is a trip planned for tomorrow, don't know what but I am going, so will write more later