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Kim’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 12 Jul 2007

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

MapJust a short note to getting things back into order. The trip was out towards the Stellenbosh area of Cape Town to see a cheetah rescue project on one of the wineyards. The children loved it and got to stroke one of the younger cubs but would have rather spent the time in the playgound!

As much as I do not agree with these projects, the reasons behind are sound and the people believe with passion that they are helping. The problem with the cheetah's around the Cape is that the farm animals are much easier to catch than other bush animals and as they hunt in grasslands rather than the velt, farmers and cheetah's cross paths more often than they should do and the cheetah looses. This project is trying to teach that it is better to catch the animal than snare or kill it and they have come up with a brilliant plan.

There is a breed of dog from Turkey, very similar to Henry in looks and size but with less fur that has been used aas a herd dog for century's and they are now breeding these dogs and giving them to the farmers. The dogs are placed with the livestock from a few weeks old and learn very quickly to protect them. They also learn what to scare away and manage this very well. They would not be able to chase a lion off but the cheetah will go. I just hope that this plan will work.

Afternon was spent playing pick up sticks with some of the children - homework starts next week when school does - just hope that my long division is as good as the kids!!