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Kim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 15 Jul 2007

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

MapWell, went to town yesterday and had a quiet wander around Long Street and up to the waterfront, which is the new and very posh area of Cape Town full of bars and smart cafes etc. It is really strange that most of the outskirts of Cape Town including Long Street still close at lunch time on a Saturday. I was just sitting down to have a glass of wine when my name was called. What I have forgotten to tell you is that we have two darts teams staying here at the lodge and they were playing in the final on Saturday. I can now say that I can shout 180 with the best of them and the ladies from Grahamstown won silver and the men lost out. It was cerainly a fun way to spend the afternoon and made up for not being able to watch the rugby in the morning.

The lodge is now fairly full with a full quota of do gooders or idots like myself that have spent money to come and help. Holly is just about to start Uni, Shiv is halfway through a micro biology degree, Pipppa is awaiting her A level results, Carly is from Canada, Lindsey from the sunshine coast in America, Florina from France, Cloe, a drama student from London and Matt and Steff from USA - Guess who feel like Grandmother here but they are all sweet and being very kind to me. Some of us went to Green Point market today, an african version of Blackbush - every stall selling the same thing but prices all over the place and yes children, the picture is on its way home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went out to a jazz session at the local place just by the Womans Shelter, live jazz and good food - it was just nice to be out and met several local people that offered refuge from the purple palace (wait until the pictures appear). Am dreading tomorrow and the start of school but sure it will all be ok - wait until the next instalment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!