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Kim’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 09 Aug 2007

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

MapWell yesterday was Woman's Day in South Africa to celbrate the march of women from Jo'burg to Cape Town during the time of colour issues, so a day off school. There is a total carnival atmosphere everywere with clowns, free jazz and rock concerts and women everywhere!!! It was such fun to see all the children enjoying time away from school and having the chance to be with their mother during the working day - a very rare thing in many countries nowadays.

The schools very sensibly decided that Friday would then also be a holiday along with many of the factories, so several of us decide to go to Simon's Town and to see the penguins. A journey that involved going on the train from Cape Town. Total trip time about 70 minutes. Simon's Town is one of the orginial settlements in the Cape area and full of beautiful houses and gardens but they aslo have a penguin colony that is under threat from mankind. We arrived after a very boring journey itno a very quaint town that could have come from some mid western movie, lots of little shops and plent of colour but there was a good 20 minute walk to see the penguins, so off we set - all up hill until the last few yards but as you can see from the pictures it was worth it just to get that close to them and watch their antics but boy, do they smell!! - on a good day I think the minimum range would be 3 metres. I think the pictures tell the story but a good day was had by all and it was several happy people that arrived home doing their own version of Happy Feet!!!!!!!!!!!