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Kim’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 16 Aug 2007

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

MapWell today is Sister Mary's Birthday and the whole school appears to be under seige - the staff room is a no go area and each and every child is walking around with something clutched under their arm. Sister Mary is an inspiration(?) a nun in biker boots but with a smile that could fell you from a hundred paces - I saw an example of this today. One of the older boys had had a nike tick cut into his hair, not very odd about that or in England enough to act upon but not here, parents and then grandparents were called to be told it was going to be razored off and then Sister Mary herself got hold of the razor and removed this terribly offending sign. Child just smiled the whole way through and then hugged her - a call for affection.

Birthdays here are just an excuse for a big eat out ( I am so huge) and the staff did Sister proud with each and every table in the staff room groaning with in pain of having to hold all this food. It is very hard to give her a present as she has taken a vow of poverty and therefore can own nothing herself but we as a group gave her a book to hold messages and pictures of the volunteers.

Back at the ranch, it was Carly's 18th birthday, so on top of party food, we added more, hence the weight gain - Florine had decorated the whole lodge with ballons and streamers and then made crepes with all the dressings for us when we returned from work - I think that Carly was totally overcome and then again at the Orphanage, they did the same - so many tears in one day. Out for dinner a the local Mexican and then several of them when to into town to dance the night away - school the next day, no thanks - just a slight hassle in getting them all up the next day but hey!!!!!!!!!!!!