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Kim’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 28 Aug 2007

Location: Bulungula and Coffee Bay, South Africa

MapWell tak about a break away from it all - as you can tell from my last page, the arrival here was as exciting as you could get and this morning the views were as breath taking as I thought they would be. The bay surrounds this small place and within its self is divided into two parts, to the left is a sandy beach backed with dunes and trees and to the right side, a marvellous beach that goes on for ever covered and I mean covered in shells of all shapes and sizes to say nothing of the drift wood - thank god I am going travelling on or my bag would be total full of finds. The lodge is just as interesting inside as it is on the outside. 40% of the place is owned by the local people and so is used by many of them on a daily basis as somewere to eat and play cards, many of the children come here too after school looking for help with their homework. Dave and his wife who are the owners of this small piece of paradise are also into conservation and this has lead to the addition of the Dragon Showers and pig toilets!! The showrs are the work of a mad genius, take a piece of metal drain pipe and attach a shower head one end and a small burner the other, Insert into the burner section, a small collector for liquid and make sure that everything stands up. Here comes the fun part - to work the shower, you fill a small kettle with paraffin up to the base of the spout, pour gently into the burner section of the pipe and set alight, turn on the hot tap and wait. It takes about 1 minute for the water to warm up and lasts for about 6 minutes - a saving of power and water - very clever!! The toilets speak for themselves I think! Dave has also bought solar cookers for the villages, the picture of the large silver umberella is one of these.
Bulungula is a quiet time for all, Hannes is busy with meetings so Flo and I spend time walking and reading in the hazy sun - this place would be truely wonderful in the summer as the ocean is warm too. The few days here have passed in a contented blur with little or nothing to change from one day to another - the arrival of the dolphins did however bring great exciting for the the few hours they were here and all meetings were suspended to watch them jumping and playing in the waves. It is the change of tide that has bought them in so close to shore and the plan is to get up and watch the new moon rise and bring in the summer tides - getting really good at these early starts!! I am just going to go and watch dinner being cooked if I can stand it - fresh crayfish bought from the fisherman this morning.