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Kim’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 30 Aug 2007

Location: Coffee Bay and Cape Town, South Africa

MapThe retreat of Bulungula has gone after we left and travelled to Coffee Bay, another back packers resort about 20ks from Bulungula but nearly 3 hours in the car and on roads that did no improve at all. The journey was made worse by the tide coming in and flowing up river causing a few moments of breath holding as we traversed the waterways. This time I was in the front seat and had a little room but not sure if I would have been better off hidden with the luggage. Coffee Bay is its self another wonderful place to hide in but it has been found by the young and the party goes on here day and night. Many come to learn to surf as the owner here, another Dave is an ex world champion and lessons are given for little cost. Florine and I are in the main complex but the others are across the river in huts - sounds really romantic until you discover that after 8.00 at night, the only way to the room is by wading up to your oxters in water!! We arrived to a Tide Party ( any excuse ) and were greeted with large steaks, warm drinks and dancing girls - and I now can drink tequila and not throw - mark that one down as a life lesson learnt. It is time to go back to Cape Town which is a great shame as I have had a wonderful time here and it has been really interesting to watch Hannes and Robyn both relax and unwind. They are both interesting people in their own rights and I will be sorry to leave Deco Lodge and them behind. I also suppose that sometime soon I am going to have to think about packing up and leaving South Africa for India, at this moment in time I am not even sure of the date that my flight goes on - I do know however that I will come back to Cape Town and maybe even before I return to England - maybe I will managed the lodge for a while if Hannes is looking for help - he and Eric could then spend more time at meetings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!