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Kim’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 01 Sep 2007

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

MapWell safe and sound and back in Cape Town to yet more cold weather - spring does seem a long time in coming this year but everyone says that it is just around the corner. It seems really strange to be putting coats back on after sitting on a beach in short sleeves. It also seems strange to think that another month has started and that that I have been traveling now for 5 months.

Flo and I managed to bring back several bags of shells and wood after all our saying no - the steward on the plane was not at all surprised with bags full of shells. We are going to have a craft day tomorrow and make mobiles for school and Hannes wants one for the lodge and his bathroom, so this afternoons task is to buy glue and beads and then work out how to make them.

Back to school on Monday and just two weeks to complete the task I have set myself - the staff room is now sorted and the teachers have more resources at their finger tips that they know what to do with, so just the rest of the library to resolve and the redecoration of the classroom. It is a joy to watch the children's faces when they come into school as they find the new item on the wall or in the room and one of the other classes are doing some more anti violence drawings for me - just hope Sister Mary likes my themes!!

Off to get glue etc and maybe sit and watch the street performers in town with a beer or two.