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Kim’s Travel Diary

Friday, 14 Sep 2007

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

MapFinal day at school today, could not have picked a better one if I had tried as it was also feast day and therefore a party for school. The day started with church and a wonderful dance performance by some of the older children, that along with the singing that has to be heard bought tears to most peoples eyes and even the little s---s looked angelic but next was the fun part. Each child was given a drink and hotdog - have you ever tried making 550 hotdogs, all with ketchup and I mean ketchup. It was a very messy experience and made even more worrying when after washing, hands were still blood red and stained but the children enjoyed themselves and school was closed for the day at 11.00. There are some benefits to being catholic - you get a lot of days off school being one.!!

Once the children had left, it was now the turn of the adults to fun. Clive had been working all morning over a braai and a huge pile of chops and sausages awaiting along with salads and other delights that the staff had produced - it is no wonder than South Africans are big boned as they keep on telling me, I am getting bigger boned by the day!!!!! It was now my turn along with the other volunteers to show off the new classroom and library and for the only time in my relationship with Sister Mary, she did not have a word to say but just stood there with a smile that was in danger of splitting her face - I think she was pleased and so was the staff - it just showed what could be done with lot of hard work and a little money. I am sad to leave school as I have enjoyed it here and can walk away feeling that things are a little better - lets hope that all projects are like this.