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Kim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 16 Sep 2007

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

MapToday is my last day here in Cape Town and I am more than a little sad to be leaving - Deco Lodge has become a home from home.

Friday was going to be a quiet day of final doing and washing after school but the whales were in the bay and when Amanda said she would drive, well you don.t say no. Out to Simon's Bay and all eyes are on the sea. As you will have seen from the pictures taken earlier of Simon's Bay, the kelp is close to the shore and this is what the whales are looking for. At first nothing to see and every white crested wave looked like something - I hope that the guy that nicked my stuff including by bio's was really happy with himself as I could have really used them here and then suddenly, a spout of water rose into the air and another and another. A truely amazing sight and having got the eyes adjusted, you could see the whales themselves - I think that was probably one of the most exciting moments in my life. We followed the progress of these gentle giants around the cove and then Amanda decided to drive a little further on - thank god she did. About 2 miles further round the cove, we came upon two whales about 30 foot from the shore, just on the border of the kelp forest. To see them so close was just something beyond words, there was no way the brain could comprehend the size or weight and yet, they were just there, hanging around doing nothing. It did appear that one of them was female and could have come so close to the shore to give birth but although we waiting for an hour or so, nothing happened. It was just the most wonderful, amazing and thoughtful period of time. The drive back to the lodge was very subdued.

The lodge was very quiet when we returned with no one around which was most unusual but I did not give it a second thought and went to the dorm to try and think about sorting my bag out for Sunday. A call from downstairs requested my attention and like a lamb to the slaughter I went - they were all there and so were the balloons, party hats etc, etc - a surprise braai and I was none the wiser. It was a wonderful meal cooked by Haanes and helped by everyone. More than a few tears were shed and several heads were thick the following morning including mine. Saturday was a final day for washing and all the small jobs that need doing and here we are on Sunday waiting to go to the airport. Most of the other guys have gone to a braai on one of the townships, so it will be easier to say goodbye to Florine and Haanes, Robyn is off at a trance dance party!!!!