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Kim’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 19 Sep 2007

Location: Jaipur, India

MapA very early start to the day - up, dressed and eaten all by 6.30am and packed in to the car to see the Taj Mahal. The city is already up and buzzing with people and animals and many others like us on their way to see sunrise. The Taj is as impressive as you could hope or wish for and from the start of the walk to the centre court, your eyes are drawn from one side to another by the carvings and pillars that line the path. All around is garden and monkeys but when you walk through the arch and stand there looking at one of the worlds seven wonders, you do take an sharp intake of breathe. It is very thing that you could hope or wish for and to stand on the sight where all the famous people have stood and have a picture taken is a moment that I will treasure and remember as one of the trips highlights. I do not think that I have or can find the words to describe this moment and can only hope that the pictures will do more justice that I can. It was wonderful to see that many Indians also came to visit this marvel along with the foreigners.

After a couple of hours here, we wandered off to find the bus that was taking us to Jaipur and the next leg of the journey. My thoughts had taken a flight of fancy on hearing that we were traveling by bus - the full picture of an Indian bus complete with goats and chickens and no seats but it turned out to be an ordinary bus and the next part of the trip was complete in relative comfort and airconditioning - only 5 hours this time. Our arrival in Jaipur was on time, a marvel in India and without any accidents. We were taken to the headquarters of Idex and then onto our hosts families. This was the part of the trip I was really not looking forward to but my fears were without substance. Heike and I had been boarded together with one of the women that worked for Idex, two children aged 19 and 18 and all spoke resonable english. After all the travelling of the past few days and the various stress's, dinner was early and sleep soon appeared even with the noise from the market below and the other sounds of yet another new city.