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Kim’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 22 Sep 2007

Location: Jaipur, India

MapWell yesterdays shopping trip was a waste of time for clothes for school but I did find a very posh silk tunic so had to buy that instead. Final lecture from Idex and then finally off to the camp. It is yet another three and half hours by car to Lalsot and we appear to be taking with us everything but the kitchen sink - chairs and tables are on the roof and there boxes all over the car. Our clothes problem has been resolved - there is a very nice government run shop on the way ( this means you pay the asking price and cannot bargain). Eventually Jaipur becomes a city in the distance and Lalsot nearer. Arnie has survived the shopping by finding a coffee shop and a newspaper. The roads start out well, duel carriageways with lights but soon we are travelling on single track often with little or no tarmac - remember this is a main road across India. The danger comes not from other cars or lorries but the animals that wander freely. To overtake another car is often a hairaising experience with one car being forced off the road and then a pig decides to walk in front - much of the trip was spent with my eyes firmly closed and muttering prayers to very god I could think of but we arrived.
The camp was in total darkness as the electricity was off but everyone was there waiting to greet us - the first guests in the new camp. Flowers were given, thrown and the entire enterance gate was covered with signs of welcome. Dinner was a hasty affair by candlelight and everyone dragged themselves off to bed - another long day travelling could be marked off the calender - question was, what would the morning bring