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Kim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 23 Sep 2007

Location: Lalsot, India

MapWell after an uneventful nights sleep, four very hungry people made their way to breakfast - curry is something of a treat but not at breakfast time but cereal was found for those who wanted it and the meal passed. Looking afound camp, you can tell that it is new - most of the buildings are still in kit form with little or no rooof and the walls are still bare, awaiting the dried cow bung finish. The first job was to clean the room - a straw ceiling is loveley and gives off a wonderful smell but then all the little pieces have a habit of dropping off and I do promise you, a bed full of straw is not that comfortable. The bathrooms also needed sorting out being full of plaster and other ruble from the builders but this was soon done and a trip to town was decided on.
Lalsot town itself is about 30 minutes drive from the camp, so back onto the road again but this time wearing full Indian dress as in this part of the world, women are not allowed to show ankles, shoulders or any clevage and yes, you do get hot. Lalsot is a typical Indian village set around a market area with chai stalls and animals, what made it harder is that we were the first white people many of them had seen and several times on our tour, it became scary as the crowds pushed closer to get a better view - thank gooooodness I am not a blonde or it could have been even worse. At one point, one of the elders had to stop the crowd from totally overwhelming our small group - I have to confess that this did start a few bells ringing with regards to the idea of teaching but that was another day away. Eventually we made it back to camp and a chance to get some washing done at last. Once again dinner was had by candlelight and I started what became a nightly habit of watching the stars.