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Kim’s Travel Diary

Monday, 24 Sep 2007

Location: Lalsot, India

MapFirst morning at a new project is always hard as you do not know where things are etc, etc and this was no better. The first point of call was to the schoool to se the headmaster and ask him if we could assist in the school (I did think that this would have been a little embrassing if he had said no) and then to se the DCCC - Day Care Centre.India is trying to set on of these up in every town and village and it is to help the very young as in playschool and also to give advise to young mothers and teenagers. Our DCC had several in each of these compartments and wanted help, so the roles were choosen and we set to. Have you ever tried to talk to children who have no word of english and all they want to do is pull your hair and pinch your skin to make sure you are human - try going to India. Our first day resulted in over 30 children plus parents just coming to see the white people. It was impossible to do anything and so Heike and I just sat on the floor and waiting for everyone to get our the shock. There is nothing at the DCC in way of toys, paper or materials and yet I am supposed to work - not at all sure of this. Back to camp after a very strange morning and start to realise what I have let myself in for. Once again dinner is by candle light and a pattern is starting to form - someone turns the electricty off at the mains every night at the same time but not the mains in camp but in the big city!!! I think I don't like this