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Kim’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 25 Sep 2007

Location: Lalsot, India

MapI have decided that I must make the best of a bad deal and try as hard as I can to get something out of this project. Thankgoodness that Arne, Lilian and Heike can speak english or else I would really be in a bad way. Heike and I are doing the DCC - Arne has 30 years experience as a teacher, so he and Lilian are in school.
Heike and I had found some paper and otherthings in the camp along with the toys and books we bought and decide to take them all into DCC and see what happens. We have also decided to split to children into two groups by age and take the little ones out so that I stand a sporting chance of trying to show the older ones something. It works to a degree but each day that passes, a different number of children come in and they are different children, so nothing can follow on from day to day. I have also said that I cannot talk to the grownups with regard to healthy food and injections as I am not qualified to do this and aslo have no idea how to achieve this on an India diet!!!!!! - did not go down well with the co-ordinator!!

Conditions in camp are not good either, the food is fine - totally vegeterian but I like dal. Lilian is very worried about the protein side of things and neither she or Arne like spicy food. Poor Reme the cook is having to work hard to cater for all these different taste buds. Washing is not good either - typical Indian bathroom with two buckets for washing in and a pint jug from which to pour the water over yourself. I have not really felt clean since arriving and we now have a toilet that leaks along with a sink that dumps its waste water on the floor!! but hey, if you wait to wash until after lunch, there is a chance that the water might be warm! Bonus

The lights go out again and anther night is spent watching the stars or playing the new game - keep the frogs out of the houses! They are so small that they can fit under the door and it is not pleasant waking up with one jumping in bed with you!!!!!! The straw that broke the camels back tonight was the arrival of a black boa slithering onto our sitting area. He maybe came to stare at the white people as well but he was not really welcome and left fairly quickly.