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Kim’s Travel Diary

Friday, 05 Oct 2007

Location: Lalsot, India

MapOk, this weeks entry goes like this - we arrived back at camp without incident from Puskar and believe this or not, we had water - thank goodness. It is amazing how quickly you can get used to washing in cold water when you have too. Camp has the builders back in trying to get the other huts ready for the next group of volunters, so in adddition to the Snake Charmers, we aslo have the Roof Thatchers camped outside the gate. This is fine other than the fact the children have taken to climbing the walls that surround the houses and walking off with anything that is left outside, they also now peer thorough the bedroom windows and we have had to start shutting them. Fine but adds to the heat in the room and with no electricty, no fan! We have new lodgers in the rom as well, the field mice have moved in as they no longer have homes due to harvest. This was fine until Heike woke up one night and almost screamed the place down - one of the litle dears had got into a plastic bag and was eating everything it could find but making a terrible rustling noise - sort of wakes you up at 2.00 am with a bit of a start. Poor Arne suffered the most as they ate through his hearing aid. I was almost tempted to get the snake back and when they decided to eat a hole in my skirt, the poison was put down - Shavi or no Shavi. We also now have a water pump to try and make sure the camp is supplied continually with water. The electricity is still the same but now is reappearing at about 4.30am. This is to aid the farmers that are now in full harvest - forget the ordinary people, the farmers must be able to pump water for the field.

DCC is much the same with ups and downs, different children each day and different levels of stress. As most of you can tell, this project and I have not marched side by side but tomorrow, Saturday we are going to Ranthambhore to try and see the tigers!!