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Kim’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 11 Oct 2007

Location: Lalsot, India

MapToday has been my final day at DCC and I can honestly say, that I will not miss it. I decided on Monday to try and do something to cheer the place up and to see if we could encourage more children to attend, so I went into town with one of the team leaders and bought paint for the outside walls - never used limewash before and am not in a hurry to try again, imagine painting with treacle and you will have a gooood idea but we did and by Wednesday, two of the outside walls had beeen changed from dried dung colour to pale blue. Over the next two days, anyone that attended the centre painted on the walls in oil's. It turned out much better that I expected and I was really pleased with the final result. The final class was yet again a mixture of young and old but I honestly did not feel any regret when I left - time to leave India and move on. We have managed to get Idex to change our departure date from camp to Friday from Sunday so there are all the final things to be done before moving on.
The staff tried so hard to send us off with a lovely meal of pizza and mashed potato and then a chocolate cake around the camp fire. They have worked so hard to make things better at camp and it really is not their fault - the camp should just not have been opened so quickly. Early night as we have to leave at 4.30 in order to catch our train at 6.00, so a final check around the room and sleep. It will be nice to get to Delhi and to be able to sleep in a little