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Kim’s Travel Diary

Friday, 12 Oct 2007

Location: Delhi, India

MapWell we left on time and made it to the station with a few minutes to spare - India may be faulted for many things but not its railway, British Rail could do well to remember that they built it and relearn a few lessons in time keeping. As we have left camp ealry, there is no one to come with us on the train but it is only a 5 hours jouurney and we are in 2/2 seats, so no problem. The journey passes without a hitch, the only issue is that there are no station signs but Delhi is the final stop! I do like to travel by bus or train as you can see so much more than in a car - the back side of the front side, the shacks and dumps built by people with nowhere else to go and nothing to live on. We arrive in Delhi on time and to my amazement are met as promised and driven to our hotel. We have booked a better hotel in the Connaught area rather than the dump that I spent the night in on my arrival. The rooms are at the top of the hotel, 50 steps up and 50 down with no lift but it has hot water, soft beds, seats and NO mice - what more can you ask for. Everyone else in the group is going on late on Sunday night sothere is really only Saturday to go and see the city. Delhi is a typical Indian city with a mixture of old and new sitting side by side. It is a very easy city to get around and Heike and I decide to get a tuk-tuk and see the sights this way. There is something rather nerve racking about driving round in a small tin can with no doors and fabric roof but we survive and our driver mananged an excellent commentry on India as we drove, nothing to do with Dehli but still interesting. Arne and Lilian decide to have dinner by themsleves and Heike find TGI Fridays!! Food that is not curried and actually has some raw green things in it - I vaguely remember it is called salad and a drink!!! Everyone feels so much better for being able to wash and to sit in a chair that is not made of plastic. AS everyone is going tomorrow night and I am staying, I decide to move hotel and try for something that has a little more class. There is only so much you can take and I have had enough. Delhi is in the middle of a fashion show and there is no hotel to be found for love or money but maybe by monday, things will be better.