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Kim’s Travel Diary

Friday, 19 Oct 2007

Location: Delhi, India

MapI feel wonderful having done nothing for the past three day but sleep, eat and lounge by the pool. My passport is back safely in my hands complete with visa and all I have to do is check out and get to the airport ( even that has been taken care off by the hotel as a courtesy), my leg is still sore but getting better but too good to last. I tried to pay by bill and much to the desk clerks anguish, my card is declined - help - It turns out after several phone calls to England that someone has been using it in Australia and I have no money - thank god First Direct decided to be helpful and I was able to get something sorted out but I now have now credit card. The drive to the airport is wonderful with a peaked cap driver and soft musac playing in the car. At least I am getting close to leaving.
Airports in India are grotty places, just desks and hoards of people with a few shanty cafes thrown in for good luck - do not imagine anything like Heathrow, more like a small Greek Island and you will be nearer the mark. Security ushers you in and I then get the slight inkling that there might be a problem with my ticket form the look I got. Jet Airways had issued me with an incorrect ticket and I was not booked on the flight!!! No credit card, no seat - I think that has to be one of the worst moments that I had had so far. If I had had the money, I would have got on any flight to anywhere just to escape but 11 hours later, I made it onto the plane and Thailand.
Please do not get me wrong, India is a wonderful country and has many marvellous cities and sights but this time it did not suit me.