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Kim’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 20 Oct 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapWell as a suprise my bag is one of the first ones off the plane and I walk straight through customs. There is almost a feeling of coming home with the airport - it is one of the nicest airports I have seen and beats Dubai hands down I think. Fortunately having been here in February I know where to get a taxi from ( as I am late in arriving there is no one to meet me ) and I leave the airport breathing in the polluted air but so much happier. Thailand is a marvellous country, so safe and Bangkok is one of the busiest cities I have ever seen. The hotel I am booked into is near the Ko San road and fairly central to many of the city temples and sights. It feels really strange to be back and going to another part of town from where I was last time but I know the hotel will be clean. The journey is uneventful and I arrive in one piece only to be met at the reception with the information that I was not expected and there was no room for me!! Something has to start going right soon, please. All is well that ends well and I am given a room - Real Gap and Greenway can sort it out - bonus is that I have room to myself. Next thing after a quick wash is to find something to eat and to se if the rest of the group is here. The restaurant is fairly easy to locate and as I eat, I cannot help but stare at the others and wonder if they are my travel companions. The only one that I have already met, Michele is not arriving until sunday night. There was a sudden shout of my name across the room and as I loooked round, several pairs of hands waved at me - it turned out that Jane had shouuted just to se who I was and if I belonged to them. There are eight of us in the group ranging from 30 to 60, all women thought. After introductions, we were off to se the sights and temples of Bangkok - there are many including various palaces and although I had seen them on my last trip, it was nice to redo them with other people. Dinner was had at a local place - the start of rice and ricefor dinner and an early night after the troubles of the last few days. Everyone seems to be really nice and I have high hope for this project.