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Kim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 21 Oct 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapToday is market day in Thailand - not just a street market but the biggest in South East Asia, so of course what do a group of women do when they are together, go shopping. Things are so cheap here that it becomes silly working out what it would cost and home and after just a few days, you also start to say, how muuch - not paying that - it is going to be one hell of a shock coming back to England and paying some of our prices. A large bottle of beer here is 50 bhats (65 to the pound) and a packet of ciggerettes is not much more. This market was amazing, inside stalls and then the outside selling everything known to man from fish to diamonds and all on the street. The pet section was a little difficult to handle - not too hot on rabbbits dressed up in baby clothes and the cockerels breed for fighting are more than a little fierce to see but it was fun and I am going to have to do something or start paying for excess baggage.
Dinner was again on the street, why pay for a closed in rom when you can eat outside for half the price. A long evening was in front and even after a walk down the Ko San road, the time was still there so after talking to our co-ordinator, we all went to see a show held at one of the hotels further down town. The pictures I took do not even come halfway to doing the performers justice. I have never sen so many pretty girls in my life with hair down to there, legs that went all the way up and back down again and figures that most women pay at lot for and then they spoke. Even knowing that they were male before the show started, you still thought of them as girls. It was tremendous and by the finish I along with every other woman in the audience hated them. It is no wonder that so many men come to Thailand looking for woman and get missled. It was a great way to finish off a few days in Bangkok - Singburi here we come.