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Kim’s Travel Diary

Monday, 22 Oct 2007

Location: Bangkok to Singburi, Thailand

MapAfter breakfast, bags packed and bar bills paid, we all piled into a tuk-tuk and set off for the bus station. Typical Thailand, the bus station is modern, clean and on time. It is a three hour jouurney from Bangkok to Singburi but in an air conditioned bus with recliner seats, it did not seem that long. From the bus to the camp again was done in local taxi - a larger tuk-tuk with a roof. Camp is just outside a small town called Singburi which in turn is above Ayutthaya, the old capital of Thailand. The group has by now sorted themselves out and I am fortunate to get a room sharing with Kaye who has been travelling since April. The entire camp is made up of small houses each with a bathroom and then areas for eating etc, etc and joy of joys, there is a bar next door - all be it run by the same people and with a very limited selection, water, beer, Sam Song ( local rum) or coke - its a bar. Lunch is served and everyone gets settled in their room. By the time dinner arives, bags are unpacked, internet has been found and the views up the river admired. Dinner is at 5.00 and we are greeted with garlands of flowers and traditional Thai dancing. Things are starting to look really good here and after a chat from the co-ordinator, the programme they have decided upon appears to be great. Time for a quick beer in the bar, well you have to suss these places out and then bed - still no hot water but I am learning to live without that.