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Kim’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 24 Oct 2007

Location: Singburi, Thailand

MapWell the last two days have gone past rather quickly - there is no time for rest on this part of the trip. This project is spilt into four parts, Introduction week, Culture week, Project and then Beach. Yesterday after breakfast, we all went into Singburi itself to have a look see - typical Thai town with lots of small shops, restuarants and one departmental store that has everything including the supermarket and a selection of small shops in the basement. Joy of joy's though, there is a KFC and I think that I will no longer be a KFC virgin by the time we finish here. A quick wander around town and a visit to the supermarket for the basics that you must have to live on - chocolate, shampoo etc, etc and then lunch at one of the local places. Thai food differs from region to region and here there is a lot of fish and rice dishes - not many with noodles and not much meat. It is a good job as we have one vege and Nicola who has a nut allergy! ( think this is a brave place for her to me on holiday), so lunch consists of fish and rice!! Afterwards back to camp, a lesson in basic Thai and the ground rules, do not say anything rude about the King, do not show the soles of your feet etc and then a stroll around the village. Amazing, all the chiles used in the cooking grow wild and they just pick them when required. The village is small but still boasts two shops, one eating house and a telephone. The evening is spent watching a Thia movie - not as long as the Indian kind and certainly with more violence and even kissing. Bit blood thirsty though with several heads being removed from shoulders throughout.
Today has been a little more interesting with a cooking lesson this morning - glass noodles and papaya salad (can repeat if anyone is hungry) and another trip into town to sort out mobiles, phone cards and finally a swim in the local bathes - great way to spend the afternoon, just chilling out. Dinner tonight has been great, Thai BBQ - meat is cooked on a really hot burner that is suspended above a dish of boiling water but it was good and then a visit to the Singburi Palace, the local hotel and the location of the Singing Lounge, yes you have guessed it, karaoke. The Thai's love it just as much as the Chinese and at any given moment will stand up and sing their hearts out. The only problem was that we were the only people there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, hence the photo's of me singing but the mike was turned off. We still managed a good night.