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Kim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 28 Oct 2007

Location: Singburi, Thailand

MapFirst weekend in Thailand and pasted by without many problems - if only India could have been like this. Saturday morning was spent watching a guy climb a palm tree in a matter of seconds and a visit ot a local handicraft place where we could make our own bracelets, well it passes the time and then a trip into town. Had my first KFC and boy did it taste good, well when you have no choice, go with the romans or somthing like that. As the rest of the night was ours, the bar become the focal point and a hilarious evening was spent drinking them dry, not that difficult! Kaye and Jane along with Nicola and Elaine discovered the joys of Sam Sang, a local rum (80% proof). 5 half bottles later, Nick and Elaine retired defeated and the lad behind the bar went into town to buy some more. All I can say is that I have never laughed so much to the YMCA and was very glad it was not going to be my head in the morning that felt urrghhhhhhhh.
Thank goodness for Sundays and a day of doing nothing for everyone that had survived the rum. Nic was a little pale all day. A chance to sort out suitcases, write cards and do washing - next week is Cultural - the small grey cells might need to be bought out of retirement!