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Kim’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 01 Nov 2007

Location: Singburi, Thailand

MapToday is thursday and the gang are returning from their temple stay. Kaye and I both stayed at camp and had a quiet couple of days. This travelling around business is great but sometimes you need to stop the treadmill and stand still, just to sort out your suitcase which is your home and catch up with washing and the other normal things that make up a day. Kaye and I had a very girly day doing nails, dying hair and, well just stuff that girls do.
The temple visit went well, floors were a little hard and so was the clothing - they had to wear white robes that covered the body and even went out first thing this morning to follow the monk asking for food. I am so glad that I did not bow to pressure and go - it would have just been a farce and against many of the things that I hold important. I think that one of the main things I have learnt so far is that I can say no and stand on my own two feet without worrying what others think of me.
The days are going by fast now and althought they are not so packed with visits to places, time still slips by. We are off to a Spa for the weekend - only important thing for me is that they have a swimming pool!!!!! and hopefully hot water in the showers.