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Kim’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 03 Nov 2007

Location: SIngburi, Thailand

MapHow relaxed am I - two nights of a comfortable bed, swimming pool and HOT water. The Spa was nothing out of this world and the treatments far too expensive considering that we are in Thailand but they served western food and had drinks other than beer. This blog is beginning to sound like a eating and drinking tour but until you have to do without, you do not realise just how much you miss things. The favourite meal required by most people is a jacket potato and baked beans!!!! Just give me a large steak and salad.
On the journey back from the Spa, we stopped to see a pottery - silly really, they bring the made items in from China and then paint them here in Thailand before exporting to Europe - you start to wonder just how much the initial item cost. Some of the pieces I saw being painted were beautiful, azure screen and gold leaf and yet payment to them worker is approx 35 bhat per item (65 bhat to the pound). Purchase price just over 250 bhat. You can all be grateful that I still have lots of places to visit and could not buy anything. Moving onwards, to the oldest market in Thailand. Funny little warren of back streets that twist and wind around the town selling everything that you can imagine. This market however is known for its food. I have never seen so many strange looking things from a burping green glop that turned out to be toffee to thousand year old eggs and everything inbetween. This is the only time that I wished our tour person was around to explain more and encourage us to try some of these things. Maybe next time I come here, I will book on a cooking project and learn how to cook bugs.
We have booked a taxi for tomorrow, which was a rest day to go and visit the Bridge over the River Kwai, so once again an early start. If anyone says that doing this is one long holiday, just correct them - plenty early starts are involved.!!