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Kim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 04 Nov 2007

Location: River Kwai, Thailand

MapYet another early start - it is about three hours travelling from Singburi to the river and as we have organised this trip ourselves, we are going to make the most of it. We cannot make it to Hellfire Pass which is the very emotive place this time but the bridge is still something to look and wonder over - prehaps one day man will look back and wonder why man to man, we are so cruel. As I have been here before, sort of the elected tour guide which is interesting!!!!
The trip is uneventful and we managed to see both the museums as well as lunch. Still makes me cry to go and see all the graves and read the words - "May he have all the pleasures in the next life that he did not have in this" - a mothers words to her 19 year old son. There is not much to say about today, just a lingering sense of loss and sadness.
Back to camp and a split in the group - some are going treking for the week and others of us are staying to teach