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Kim’s Travel Diary

Friday, 09 Nov 2007

Location: Singburi, Thailand

MapWell another week has passed in the blink of an eye. Kaye and I turned out to be the only ones that stayed to do the teaching - everyone else went on the trecking.
School here has been wonderful - such a diference in attitude from India - most of the children here have a small grasp of english and are so eager to learn more to the point that they will skip break to try and get more words from us. Kayes is a natural teacher and I think for everyone concerned it has been a really fun week.
One of the most interesting points was the early morning assembly where the children raise the flag to The King and then using sticks and dance re-inact the battle between Thailand and Burma for Ayutthaya - such fun to see the little ones trying to copy the others and they do not hold back when it comes to beating the sticks - I am sure over the years there has been black eyes and even broken bones as a result of this exercise!
The school is like many others in the grounds of a Wat and entirely state run with the monks input when required. Most of the children that attend are orphans or from single parent families and the state not only provides the uniform at silly prices but a full meal at lunch time for less than 10p.
The others are back tomorrow and then on Sunday we go off to Koh Samet - cannot wait - a week on the beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!