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Kim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 11 Nov 2007

Location: On the way to Koh Samet, Thailand

MapThe treckers are back - a little worse for wear and grumpy as the tents were not the best in the world and sleeping was an issue - think I made the right move in staying behind but bags are all packed, rooms cleared and we are on our way to see the sea!!!
Bangkok by van and then approx 5 hours on coach to Ban Phae, the harbour to Koh Samet Island. The coach once again is comfortable and air-conditioned, so the journey does go fairly quickly. It is so nice to see Thailand from both sides of Bangkok - so different, hills and trees one side and flat, water on the other side. We arrive at Ban Phae pier in plenty of time to catch the ferry to the island, well when I say ferry, think of clapped out something that does not look as if could stay afloat for more than 5 minutes, add 40 or so passangers, luggage and various other itmes such as chickens and there you have it but we chug our way across without mishap and we are on the island - yeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rooms are basic - well once we are settled in new rooms away from the building site but they have toilets and running water - what more can you ask for. It takes less than three minutes for everyone to upack a swimming costume and hit the beach. White sand, warm sea and rum punch!!!! I am on holiday.