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Kim’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 17 Nov 2007

Location: Koh Samet, Thailand

MapWhat a week this has been - no getting up unless you want too, breakfast when you want - not set time and to add to the pleasure of everything, there is normal food - I mean things like sandwiches and burgers and even meat!!!!!!. Breakfast is not rice and glop but toast or fried eggs and bacon. You really do start dreaming of food when you are travelling and one of the main topics of conversation is what the first meal will be - beans and jacket potatoes are very high on the list along with birds custard.
It has been a wonderful week of doing nothing but sit, swim and have a massage or your nails done, hair braided or feet rubbed and all for so little money. My hair cost just overe ten pounds sterling and took ages to do. I am also sure it is going to take ages to get out but that is for another day.
The level of exercise has been zero - hardest thing was lifting the glass to the mouth but we have also had a lot of fun. Watching the fire dancers go through their routine each night, parasending off the back of a boat, a trip around the Island to see the fish farms and swim and so it goes on. The nightlife has been fun too with a live band each night until the early hours and on Wednesday Jane had a second birthday. It was her 40th when she was in India and like me, she had a rotten time, so as the Queen can have two birthdays, so can her subjects. Drinks until the early hours and more karaoke - I still cannot sing!!
It seems really strange to be going back to Bangkok - as per normal, a beach holiday seems to go on and on but it is the final day of the Girls on Tour and Jane, Carol and I move on to the elephants, Kaye to India, Michelle to Australia and the others home. Thats the other thing about travelling, you make friends and then they go, maybe never to be seen again.
Back into Bangkok in time for a shower, something to eat and then off to the bus station. We are catching an overnight bus to Surin on top of travelling for 7 hours today - something tells me that tomorrow could be stressy. I am really still in two minds about doing the elephants but under the new management rule, I have to try everything at least one (do draw the line when it comes to food and eating grubs).