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Kim’s Travel Diary

Monday, 19 Nov 2007

Location: Surin, Thailand

MapWell, here I am at the elephant village having got up and ready for the 7.00am bus, only to be told it was full and that we were catching the 8.00am - getting a little fed up with all of this at the moment but keeping a lid on it. The journey was uneventful sitting in the back of a converted truck - now with seats that run down the sides and stopping at every small hamlet or house we passed.
The elephant village is just that, a place this side of Northern Thailand that is home for all the elephants and their Mahoots in the area. There is no logging work anymore and the only income many of these people can get is from shows or tourists. We are taken and introduced to our Mahoot and elephant and not strictly in that order. Po, my Mahoot is only 26 years old and along with Joy, his wife they look after Kam Kow, who is 25 years old. They know no other life and seem to be happy in what they do. The others are off with their elephants and so the pace is set fro the next two weeks.
Our house is just across the road from the centre and next to a small restuarant and bar - the rooms are on the top storey and I have managed to get the double bed - for once a room by myself - the mattress is like a board - my back should be getting a gold star for all the hard beds it has slept in over the past few months!!. The bathroom is downstairs and once again we are back into squat toilets and no hot water!! - it really does become the small things that you miss and hot water is now really high on my list. There is a long sink type arrangement that runs down one wall and this is filled with water on a daily basics - washing power - the electricity goes off here during the day, so water has to be drawn when it can be - just a little off putting when you could see the small water shrimps swimmimg in your bath water - the man who invernted baby wipes should be given a sainthood at the very least. Dinner is served, poor Jane who is also on this part of the trip has yet another plate of plain vegetables and rice. She is really having a hard time with the food and I always thought that
Thai's were into vegetarian food. Tomorrow I am being collected by Po at 8.00 and we are off to get an elephant!!!!