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Kim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 25 Nov 2007

Location: Surin, Thailand

MapA whole week has gone by and I am not really sure how - each day has fallen into a pattern of going and getting the elephant from the field where it has been overnight and bringing it back to the village for the day. There is a show ground here and when the coach's arrive, there are two shows - the elephants that do not perform give rides. The others are already riding their elephants to and fro the fields and Jane is taking hers for its bath in the pond that is on route from the field. Po is a little more nervous of doing this as this is his first time with a volunteer but we are working on it - him with no english, me with a little Thai and hundreds of hand signals. I have however been cuting sugar cane with the largest knife you have ever seen, racing around on the back of a scooter to get something from the shops - bananas for the elephant and spending a lot of time drinking coffee. Once the elephant is at the village and has been fed and watered, there is not a lot else to be done until the close of day and then the routine is done in reverse. We have taken to giving impromptu english lessons to some of the stall holders that are around the camp trying to sell trinkets and other such stuff in return for coffee ( not a lot else to drink unless you like milo).
Living at the house is interesting - once again there are no chairs or anywere comfortable to sit unless you count the patio wall and the only furniture in the house is a large cabinet for the television and a dinning room table chairs. They all seem to sit on wooden platforms outside or chairs made from split cane and the food is starting to make me feel ill. Rice for all three meals along with somethings that cannot be idendifeid but turn out to be bits of meat -
The lack of hot water worked its normal charm and we all left for a weekend back at the hotel in Surin and the chance to eat something that looked as it should and tasted correctly - it is a really mind twister when you have a piece of bread that is loaded with sugar or a biscuit that looks sweet but tastes of salt and seaweed.
Back at the house along with a jar of marmite and some ritz crackers - I am turning into a real cheap date as these two items have made my whole week!!!!!!