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Kim’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 29 Nov 2007

Location: Surin, Thailand

MapLast day here - have seen so much from elephants that are just a few days old to a mating couple, ridden on scooters, the backs of elephants , on howda's, cut rice and shared breakfasts of chillies and fish. Seen festivals of monks giving it all up for the King and sat and watched Kam Kow for hours as she grazed the rice fields but it has been an experience and definately an eyeopener in how other people live and lead their lives. Off tomorrow afternoon to catch the overnight bus to Bangkok and then leaving the comfort of a country that I know for Malaysia and experiences that are really going to be new.
Have said goodbye to Po and Joy and also the family - they all seem sad to see us leaving but I am sure the tip's did not go amiss.