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Kim’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 01 Dec 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapBack at long last in Bangkok - the bus journey seemed to go on for hours and when we did arrive at the bus station, our guide just said goodbye and walked off into the sun - nothing wrong with that but it was 4.00am!! - but we caught a taxi back to the De'Moc without too much hassle - only thing, the hotel was full and we would have to wait until check-in time of 12.00 before we could have our rooms. Past caring now, the sofa is comfortable and the coffee will be ready at 6.30. It is funny how is you go to sleep in the middle of a hotel, they can suddenly find that a room is free and yes, house keeping can make it up in record time for you. Jane and I manage to get a few hours sleep and breakfast in. Jane is flying to Australia today and is effectively going without a bed for two days.
I am taking Carol to JJ Mall as she missed it last time round and as it is the weekend, the market is on as well - I just hope that Carol does not buy too much as I am getting really concerned about how she is going to get everything home without paying excess!!! - I just send all my grot home and then will have the thrill of opening it all when I get back and wondering why on earth I bought that. Nice to be back in Bangkok!!!!