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Kim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 02 Dec 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapAfter a pleasant day yesterday and a pizza for dinner (wonderful), today is a whistle stop tour from Bangkok to River Kwai and Tiger Temple. We leave at 7.00 on route to the floating market just outside Bangkok. Believe me when I say, I am fed up with markets and shopping - as they say here, same, same but in this case not different.
The market is approached by boat and I really wish I had worn a plastic bag - talk about getting soaked but all in a good way. The market is different and it is fun watching the stall or should I say boatholders selling their wares to people passing by in boats - you have to buy here if you see it and want it otherwise it just floats past, never to be seen again. Try cooking on one of these -
We finished early and decided to go along with some of the others to see the snake show - this is a big thing in Thailand and normally very showy - this was no different but the lads that were taking part had an even looser grip of the dangers than normal. The king cobra was huge and scarey, the boa's were small and scary and then when the handler got bitten on the nose, I decided it was time to leave before something escaped - I hope the zoo is not going to be like this!!!!.
Back in the bus and off to see the Bridge over the River, lunch and then the Tiger Temple, all of which I have recently seen and told you all about.
The drive back to Bangkok was a nightmare - the driver must have been on a very hot date as we drove like a car possesed - it could have very easily ended in tears but thank god, not this time. Dinner in the hotel and bed, tomorrow Carol goes back to the Uk and I really must start thinking about moving on.