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Kim’s Travel Diary

Monday, 03 Dec 2007

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapWell, Carol has gone this morning and after deciding to go and get my hair hair cut in Bangkok's answer to Toni and Guy, the day is my own - well not really as I am going to pack up all my christmas presents and send them home to people in the hope that they will arrive before Christmas day. I do feel so at home here and even know where the post office is and how to get my ticket for the queue. Once all the packages have been packed, things written etc, etc most of the day has passed. It has really felt like the run up to the holiday period with the Sound of Music on the television and yes, I can sing along with every word!!!.
The management here at the hotel have decided to have a party tonight for all the guests and as it will save on food money, I decide to attend - can you imagine my suprise when halfway through, the boss decides that he is going to take us on a tour of the city in his vintage cars and bikes!!!! Out comes the Rolls Royce, Damlier, Merc, BMW bike with side car, bright red Spider Sports etc and off we set, all bundled into different cars. I am with two really nice young lads from Cambridgeshire that have only arrived this morning and are standing staring at all that is going on. It is the Kings birthday on the 5th December and a fairly major one coupled with the fact that he has not long been discharged from hospital, the Thai's have gone overboard on the decorations. Gold lights hang from every tree, tinsel and flowers decorate every picture and the entire avenue that the royal cascade will travel is just a glorious riot of colour and lights. They have even adjusted the fountains to shoot water in time to the lights and music and in the middle of all of this and the people, I am driving around in a Rolls Royce waving like the queen to all that we pass. Such fun and such an amazing sight to see. I am so cross that I will be missing all of this and have even thought about going to Malaysia later but too much like hard work to redo everything. - Must be getting lazy in my older age. Back to the hotel - must do something tomorrow with regards to packing