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Kim’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 05 Dec 2007

Location: KL, Malaysia

MapOvernight stop here in KL at Number 8 Guesthouse - what a nice name for a place to stay at. The drive from the airport took a good 45 minutes in the rush hour but at least it gave a chance to see KL and the famous towers and over dinner last night a chance to meet the rest of the group. There are 10 of us in total, 9 doing the full trip with jungle and 1 doing the Zoo Assistant ( 4 weeks at the zoo) and for the first time, there are men on this project!!! 2 older ones and Luke who is travelling with his girlfriend Hannah. We have been split into two groups, half going to Zoo Negara which is in KL and the others going to Taping Zoo which is further up country. I am going to stay here in KL along with Stevie, Dannie, Shirley and Graham or Blue as he will be refered too from here on in.
The zoo is about 30ks from the centre of town and it does not take us long to get there - in the staff enterence ( you might be like me and get a bit of a kick out of going in a zoo that way) and then into our lodgings - The Directors House, Car Park B. The house is typical Malaysian style, long and low with open interior and mice, rats and lots of other small buzzing, crawling, creeping things but it is clean, has running watrer in the correct places and proper toilets - it turns out that the water can be made hot -Oh even bigger joy. A quick change of clothes and a tour of the zoo is next. There is everything here from elephants to tigers, otters to hippo's and lions to apes. It is the national zoo for Malaysia and therefore held up for public viewing at all times - rate payers money. We quickly look around and try to work out where things are and then off to the supermarket to get food and water. Nothing can be really simple and it get food involves transport but we survive. There is nothing like foreign supermarkets to delight the stomach and all sorts of weird and wonderful things are purchased. To my delight, I can buy marmite!!! - Thai air security took my jar off me at the airport under the guise of dangerous liquids. Tomorrow is our first work day and introduction to the apes -