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Kim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 09 Dec 2007

Location: KL, Malaysia

MapBack into town today having been able to sort my money out and a restful afternoon in the hairdressers having highlights put back - there are times in your life that only a visit to the hairdressers can put the world back to normal.
The afternoon is spent in the zoo looking and pretending to be a tourist but most of the keepers know that we are working here and greet us as long lost friends, the shop keepers are even giving us staff prices on coffee - can't be that bad! The zoo is large and has just about every animal you could wish to see including a large collection of cats, bears and apes. The reptile house is very cleverly done and the keepers are always getting out animals to do show and tell. The albino python is almost a house pet. Tomorrow is back to work and a chance to really see inside the ape house - a chance second to none normally.