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Kim’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 16 Dec 2007

Location: KL, Malaysia

MapAnother weekend gone - the zoo is really busy and continally used by the public. It is school holidays here at the moment, so thousands of children appear each day. Went and saw the night show last night, raccoons, bush babies, leopard cats etc - not the best thing I have seen and in some places an embrassment but loved by all. The zoo is open at weekends until 10.00pm and I have to tell you that walking around it at night is more than a little frightening, every sound or rustle makes you jump and after hearing the tiger roar and not being able to see him in the den, I called it quits. The house is not much better, the sound of little feet can be heard all night and I am getting really used to waking up with gecko poo on my sheets! It seems really strange to think that this time next week, I will be gone from here.
Today was spent in KL wandering around - at home I would have been in a panic about Christmas and presents but I have already sent home stuff and do not need to think about where the lights are and if they work. Back to work in the morning