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Kim’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 19 Dec 2007

Location: KL, Malaysia

MapWell today is the last working day here - tomorrow is a public holiday and as Maz is not working, neither are we. I really think that the pictures tells the stories that the words cannot. It has been such a privilage to be around these animals and to have the chance to touch them through the bars or to hold them, to watch them play with bits of old sack or undo presents that we made for them. To see just how gentle the big males can be and just how strong they are - I have at long last been groped on this trip but it was by a two year old orangutan who managed to rip a bra, leave scratch marks and remove a clump of hair in all of about three seconds and it was all my fault. To watch them with new food - cereal is a good one and corn on the cob caused several moments of confused looks, durian fruit was either loved or thrown away in great haste ( it is a very smelly fruit and tastes similar to liver, uncooked - many of the hotels over here ban it from rooms and we discovered why after having it in the house over night). Today has also been a day of discovery - there are two further orangutans in the zoo but they are kept in the show area and do not interact with the others. The pictures of me holding one was the most humbling experience. Katie is a true show girl and very people friendly but when she asked to be picked up and then hugged me, well.
As well as seeing and working with the apes, I have seen the inside of the cats centre, once again there are animals behind the scenes that never get to go outside, the hospital and turned down the behind the scenes with the bears trip - that would have been too sad, fed all sorts of things, all sorts of food including the snakes, watched the hippo's wallow and been lucky to have done this. The rest of the group excluding Blue have been in tears more than once - they think I am a very hard hearted Hannah but what good will tears do - nothing wil be changed by them.